A history of the great starvation in ireland

Tony Blairduring his time as British Prime Minister, issued a statement in offering a formal apology to Ireland for the U.

It should not have been dismantled after only six months and in spite of the enormous harvest deficiency of Much of the financial burden of providing for the starving Irish peasantry was thrown upon the Irish landowners themselves through local poor relief and British absentee landowners.

At first, the crop appeared healthy. The proper procedure, he was informed, would have been to encourage the Irish to form a local relief committee so that Irish funds could have been raised to provide the food.

The British taste for beef had a devastating impact on the impoverished and disenfranchised people of Do you believe that the Great Irish Hunger was genocide committed by the British?

Most died not from hunger but from associated diseases such as typhus, dysentery, relapsing fever, and famine dropsy, in an era when doctors were unable to provide any cure. I mean, if we go back to that time, Ireland was the equivalent of Puerto Rico or Samoa, massive dependencies on the United States today.

Irish Potato Famine

By the late 17th century, it had become widespread as a supplementary rather than a principal food because the main diet still revolved around butter, milk, and grain products.

The costs of the Poor Law fell primarily on the local landlords, some of whom in turn attempted to reduce their liability by evicting their tenants, [99] a practice that was facilitated by the "Cheap Ejectment Acts". This simple method of ejectment was called "passing paupers through the workhouse"—a man went in, a pauper came out.

The government might also have provided free passages and other assistance in support of emigration to North America - for those whose personal means made this kind of escape impossible.

But little money was ever forthcoming. He was quoted as saying that "he would not breed paupers to pay priests". Food riots erupted in ports such as Youghal near Cork where peasants tried unsuccessfully to confiscate a boatload of oats.

Famine movie on its way but was it genocide by the British?

By the early s almost half the Irish population—but primarily the rural poor—had come to depend almost exclusively on the potato for their diet. A Catholic priest named Father Matthew wrote to Trevelyan: But by harvest time the blight struck ferociously, spreading fifty miles per week across the countryside, destroying nearly every potato in Ireland.

What was the Irish potato famine? Cheap soup recipes were improvised containing stomach-turning combinations of old meat, vegetables, and Indian corn all boiled together in water. In an article on "English Rule" on 7 March, Mitchel wrote that the Irish People were "expecting famine day by day", and that they attributed it collectively not to "the rule of heaven as to the greedy and cruel policy of England".

Little had been sown, so, despite average yields, hunger continued.

Great Famine (Ireland)

Why did Scotland not suffer famine to the same extent as Ireland? Eventually, cows took over much of Ireland, leaving the native population virtually dependent on the potato for survival. The rights to a plot of land in Ireland could mean the difference between life and death in the early 19th century.In Ireland between andgeneral starvation and disease were responsible for more than 1, excess deaths, most of them attributable to fever, dysentery and smallpox.

These three highly contagious diseases, which had long been endemic in Ireland, swept the country epidemically and with great malignity during these years. The Great Famine of Ireland killed almost one-eighth of the population.

It proportionally caused more destruction of human life than most modern famines. The Great Famine destroyed the means of survival of more than one-third of. The famine was a watershed in the history of Ireland, which was then part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

The Great Famine in Ireland was together with the Napoleonic Wars, to produce the greatest loss of life in 19th century Europe. Aug 21,  · Ireland in the s; Great Hunger Begins; Legacy of the Potato Famine; Irish Hunger Memorials; Sources; The Irish Potato Famine, also known as the Great Hunger, began in when a fungus-like organism called Phytophthora infestans (or P.

infestans) spread rapidly throughout Ireland.

The Irish Famine

The infestation ruined up to one-half of. Ireland also lacked adequate transportation for efficient food distribution. There were only 70 miles of railroad track in the whole country and no usable commercial shipping docks in the western districts.

By September, starvation struck in the west and southwest where the people had been entirely dependent on the potato. In History Ireland magazine (, issue 5, pp.

Great Famine

), Christine Kinealy, a Great Hunger scholar, lecturer and Drew University professor, relates her findings: “Almost 4, vessels carried food from Ireland to the ports of Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool and London duringwhenIrish men, women and children died of starvation and .

A history of the great starvation in ireland
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