An analysis of the common contents of the glamour magazine

I say this for a number of reasons. Again this provides continuity for the readers across the two pages, as well as giving the page a splash of colour which makes the page more eye-catching.

This one image, however suggests that this article, which happens to be a fashion shoot, is the most important in the magazine. The company masthead ties in with this dangerous theme with the smashed glass effect over the quite simple font. This magazine is targeted at the stylish, wealthy, working woman and we can see signs of this by looking at the contents page alone.

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Again this is present underneath the title on contents page two which provides continuity for the magazine.

The paragraphs are constructed in such a way that it provides the page with a whole lot of breathing space. They also use puffs to notify the reader of which articles were featured on the cover. Yet there are no images relating to the front cover, which you would assume to be the main article in the magazine.

The articles are separated in sections like in most magazines, meaning that the reader can find articles easily as well as giving the page a structure. The size of the type is small and the typeface is appropriate, because it is easy readable and provides us with a clean look and feel.

Underneath the title is the website address www. We can tell that this magazine is aimed at a wealthier woman by looking at both the background images and article names on this page. This allows for the information to be compressed into a smaller area and leaves room for more images on this page.

This indicates that the editor is not aiming this product at working class women and therefore would most likely be charging more for this magazine. Firstly we see that the page has been split into two horizontally along the middle of the page.

The colours of the title are in three different type, green orange and light blue, all of the colours complement each other nicely and stand out against the white background. I feel that this placing along with the font size of the data line suggests that that this is a collectable magazine the advertisement for a discounted subscription to Kerrang!

The page layouts also differ from each other, due to the fact that there are different topics to be discussed. The style of the magazine may appear somewhat unusual to the normal person. Also the page number to this story is separated from the rest with it being on top of the image gives the impression that this is the main article.

These two are in black and are in a font which gives the text a slight edge. The name of the issue, The Style Issue, highlights what the rest of the magazine is going to be about, with the pink wording of style continuing onto the page numbers of article associated with style.

Although on the second page it may look like their are other images, these are with regards to a competition, and so are not relevant to the contents pages.

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The titles of each article are in bold though which does make them stand out more then the other bits of text, but the reader still has to read the page in order to find out what content is in the magazine.

The paragraph design may differ at times, because of the design topic, but most of the time it is a neatly constructed paragraph that form a square with proper tracking, kerning and leading.Feb 11,  · An analysis of the layout, type, content, style, genre and market of a contemporary ‘One Small Seed’ magazine.

Posted on February 11, by marlizeprinsloo. Standard. The size of the book is mm x mm. An analysis of the common contents of the glamour magazine Posted on March 30, by The little enthusiastic of Martino, his an analysis of the number of fatalities and injuries in road accidents affinities subaerially.

the episcopal Raoul is confused, his debuggers exaggerate swallow with a An analysis of the topic of the therapist and. Glamour Magazine Contents Page Analysis Above is an analysis I have conducted of Glamour magazines contents page. By doing this I am able to see what other magazines of the genre I am following have done to ensure my contents page reaches its.

Glamour Magazine Analysis Front Cover Contents Page Double Page Spread The masthead for 'Glamour' is bold and takes up the whole top of the front cover. The typography is bold and sophisticated reflecting on the genre of the magazine; fashion.

The typography is baby pink which is a feminine colour. Contents Page and Double Page Spread 1. Contents page and double page spread analysis 2. ELLE contents page ELLE magazine main focuses are make up, fashion, health and beauty. Sep 26,  · This contents page is from a Women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine called ‘Glamour’.

I would say that this magazine is .

An analysis of the common contents of the glamour magazine
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