An essay on the life and works of a e housman

The iambic pattern alternates between tetrameter and trimeter lines; alternate lines rhyme as well, giving the poem a lyrical impression; and the combination of these features, then, gives the very high degree of formality to the poems. It was published in the Bromsgrove Messenger on August 8,much to his later chagrin.

He was an influence on many British poets who became famous by their writing about the war, and wrote several poems as occasional verse to commemorate the war dead.

A. E. Housman World Literature Analysis - Essay

More followed on his Worcestershire birthplace, his homes and school in Bromsgrove. The book has been in print continuously since May As a science, however, it was not exact, he declared: This first poem repeats the stanzaic form above in seven additional stanzas, and many of the poems throughout the collection repeat the pattern, or a similar one, as well.

The desire, or the need, did not come upon him often, and it came usually when he was feeling ill or depressed; then whole lines and stanzas would present themselves to him without any effort, or any consciousness of composition on his part.

Poem On the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria, the poet muses about the condition of England. If nature is lovely and offers man delight, she does not offer him solace or sustain him as Wordsworth was solaced and sustained. He died on 30th April at the age of seventy-six.

A. E. Housman

Housman is frequently termed a minor poet. The work of local sculptor Kenneth Potts, it was unveiled on 22 March According to John Bayley in the London Review of Books, Housman was "a scholar worshipped and hated for his meticulous standards and his appalling sarcasms on the unscholarly.

After one publisher had turned it down, he helped subsidise its publication in Inhe appeared for the first time in print with a poem in rhymed couplets about the death of Socrates for which he won the prize for composition in English verse and which he delivered on Commencement Speech Day.

In the early s, when Moses Jackson was dying in Canada, Housman wanted to assemble his best unpublished poems so that Jackson could read them before his death.

In adult life, Housman was always jealous of his reputation and forbade the publication of his juvenilia and occasional addresses, which he felt did not meet the high standards he set for himself. In " To an Athlete Dying Young ," the youth is praised for leaving a world with his accomplishments intact.

Pearsall suggested in a PMLA essay that Housman dealt frequently with soldiers because "the uniform tended to cure isolation and unpopularity, and soldiers characteristically bask in mutual affection.

The entire section is 2, words. The entire section is 2, words. In More Poems, he buries his love for Moses Jackson in the very act of commemorating it, as his feelings of love are not reciprocated and must be carried unfulfilled to the grave: A Divided Life, Email this page At first glance nothing seems more unlikely than that the poet of the enormously popular A Shropshire Lad should be the classical scholar A.

He was also a poet whose slim volumes of verse assured him of a secure place on the British Helicon.

The Poetry of A. E. Housman Essay

Referring to A Shropshire Lad in a letter written inHousman stated that "very little in the book is biographical" and said that his view of the world was "owing to my observation of the world, not to personal circumstances.In his poem, 'The Loveliest of Trees', A.

E. Housman takes us through a sort of progression, if you will, from youth to age in three brief stanzas. I appreciated this poem for its simplicity and symbolism, as well as the /5(1).

Essays and criticism on A. E. Housman, including the works “”, “Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now”, “To an Athlete Dying Young”. The Life of A.E. Housman Written by Tonya Bliss (A.)lfred (E.)dward Housman is one of the very few English scholars to attain a European stature and the only one who is also a poet of consequence.

The Poetic Art of A. E. Housman: Theory and Practice, University of Nebraska Press, Marlow, Norman, A. E. Housman: Scholar and Poet, Routledge & Kegan Paul, Orwell, George, Inside the Whale and Other Essays, Penguin Books, Page, Norman, A.

E. Housman: A Critical Biography, Schocken, Examine the life, times, and work of A. E. Housman through detailed author biographies on eNotes. Alfred Edward Housman, better known as A.E.

Housman, was a British author best known for his lyrical poetry, which often conveyed his pessimistic views. Dealing with his mother's death at the age of 12 undoubtedly impacted his negative perspective, as did the emotional turmoil he experienced as a young adult.

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An essay on the life and works of a e housman
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