Dangerous breeds of dogs should be banned essay

In some respects, the debate over banning dog breeds seems to mirror a much more well-known national discussion: That energy is either positive or negative.

However, of the approximately dog bite fatalities reported, close to 55 are attributed to pit bulls. Top ten most aggressive dogs. The breeds banned are capable of great things when given the opportunity.

Not like it used to be where someone simply filled out a form and paid a fee. Even in generally freedom-loving Texas, legislation was prepared earlier this year that would have made owning a pit bull a felony it did not pass.

Many countries adopted laws that determine rules on how to walk your dog in the city and public places. Pelen states that pit bulls are dangerous and vicious killers, who will attack without thought or provocation and that the government has done nothing to protect the citizens of Australia from unwarranted, unprovoked attacks.

Chi, or Energy Affects Dogs! Of that massive number, there only a few dozen fatal dog attacks in the U. In each city, the law establishes the rules of detention and places to walk dogs.

Dogs that have been instituted before the decree have passed a necessarily veterinary control. For example a Poodle could be a level one, Spaniels 2 and Collies level 3. Dog owners, who have not sedated their pets, pay very high taxes.

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With these stories and many other similar ones, it becomes clear that pit bulls, as well as other banned breeds, have the same big hearts as the other breeds of dogs that people love. I thought i would post this in case their was anybody who needed help in writing a persuasive essay.

Breed bans are put in place originally as an honest attempt to help prevent dog attacks, with no hateful intentions. Given the recent headlines and opinion pieces, dog breed bans are up for discussion across the country. It is true that pit bulls tend to be very loyal and loving to their owners, but it is also true that these animals have powerful instincts that drive them to attack other dogs and even human beings.

Generally speaking, people use visual traits associated with a pit bull that derive from the American Staffordshire Terrier. Our essay service can help you with writing an argumentative paper about Banning Pit Bulls right now.

Here is a short clip of the Malinois, ending a standoff with police that involved a suspect allegedly kidnapping a baby released unharmed, thanks largely to the canine: The high statistics of pit bull attacks are scary enough to warrant a ban of these animals.

It does seem that blanket ban punishes an entire canine breed for the actions of a few. Presa Canario Several breeds, including Rottweilers, and in a famous San Francisco case, the Presa Canario, have fatally attacked humans. Dogs mirror their owners not because they look like them but because they mimic their behaviour Borland and Derbyshire Not only are pets viciously attacked by pit bulls on a daily basis, but also human beings are also often attacked by pit bulls.

What exactly is a pit bull anyway? According to some inquiries, the most biting dogs are mestizos and Shepherds, while Rottweilers and pit bulls are on the third and fourth places.

The cost of these scanners would be covered by the dog licence. Example Essays There are indeed many reasons why pit bulls should be banned and among these is the vicious nature of pit bulls.

The Dogs Banned from the City

What about a mutt that is half-Staffordshire, half-Shitzu? Which dog is the one that their jaws lock? There is a reason for this. They could be easily threatened by people who come too close and by screaming children, since they had survived up to that point by being defensive.

A large majority of the dogs involved in attacks were also victims of neglect or abuse, or had been chained for most of their lives. Every year, there are more and more cases reported about the bites by Fighting breed dogs; it is fraught with the most serious consequences for the life and health of people.

Dangerous Dogs

And even as states take a licensing approach, there are problems enforcing the regulations. Any dog can bite. A dog is a companion, but under certain circumstances, a dog can also be a tool for self-defense.English Essay Response - Should Pitbulls Be Banned The debate about whether or not new laws governing dangerous dogs has once again been set aflame with the death of a 4 year old girl, Ayen Chol, at the hands of a pit-bull.

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There are indeed many reasons why pit bulls should be banned and among these is the vicious nature of pit bulls. As much as there are those individuals who may Argumentative Essay on Banning Pit Bulls. By Lauren Bradshaw. October 3, compared to other kinds of dogs. These dogs are not only dangerous to outsiders but can also harm their.

Free Essays on Dangerous Dogs. Search. those dangerous dogs should be banned. First of all, the rogue dogs are very aggressive and unpredictable; they can attack the kids any time when the kids Save Paper; Bite Last In the last two decades, no breed of dog has been more talked about or misunderstood than the American Pit Bull.

At some point, the laws against breed specific legislation should be repealed or at least revised, so that the bigger, more powerful dogs can, like goats and chickens and a host of entirely benign animals, be banned from or restricted in a reasonable manner.

With these stories and many other similar ones, it becomes clear that pit bulls, as well as other banned breeds, have the same big hearts as the other breeds of dogs that people love. The whole breed shouldn’t be punished because of the actions of the ultimedescente.coms: 1. ESSAY SAMPLE ON Should Dangerous Dog Breeds Be Banned TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU Order now Try telling that to the parents of a six week old .

Dangerous breeds of dogs should be banned essay
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