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Scope The discussion aims to explore the issues and debates prevalent among scholars whether IT does nor does not confer competitive advantage in terms of operational and business strategies; how IT can benefit the industries and economy alike; and investigates how firms that have not already integrated IT into their models achieve competitiveness and competencies.

IMAX can put in a big figure of its theatre systems yearly across different states particularly Asia-Pacific market, and besides market and publicize its movie to assist maximize its theater attending and increase its box office gross.

One possible solution to vie this challenger is that IMAX is acquired by a larger studio, hence overcomes its fiscal jobs and besides has the tantamount strengths to vie with it.

Information technology on its own is not a competitive advantage but rather it is a tool by which organizations can extend their competencies. Alternative if its product features and benefits exceed those offered by its competitors it is said to have a differentiation advantage.

The IMAX scheme of traveling into Hollywood movies will increase its box office gross and spread out the nucleus audience. For example imagine a web site that offers a list of car models available for sale.

As Clegg, Carter and Kornberger indicate unless businesses learn to eliminate the gaps between its processes elements integrating expensive information systems would not mitigate costs neither would it help in achieving competitive advantage.

It used its technique know-how to bring forth projectors with particular characteristics, to plan big format movies, to develop lightweight 3D camera and 3D directional sound engineering, etc, and all the alone engineering differentiate IMAX from other conventional film engineerings.

Using the RVIO theoretical account, it is non hard to reason that most of its competitory advantages are sustainable. The beginnings of competitory advantages of IMAX could add value.

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However, businesses on their own cannot achieve this unless the organizational processes, activities and management becomes attune to the requirements of information technology - that is organizations must involve people to learn, imagine, develop, innovate and internalize knowledge before they can effectively use it for the purpose of achieving competitive advantage.

In relation to substitutes to IMAX, the analysis focuses on possible alternatives such as: These value chain factors make it possible for IMAX to pursue its product differentiation strategy at a low cost, and achieve widespread recognition and profitability.

Threat of new entrants; Threat of substitutes; Bargaining power of suppliers; Bargaining power of buyers; and Intensity of rivals. Besides, IMAX can guarantee its endurance and do more concern chances in the hereafter.

Besides, IMAX hold its unqiue trade name image and besides operated at a alone concern theoretical account by utilizing its organizational resources, which was besides rare in the movie industry. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

MPAA reveals that in theme parks were observed to be the largest substitute threat to the movie industry. Following the analysis of the business environment in which IMAX operates the following key factors for success have been identified: Corporate agility, efficiency and resources are useless if they are not aimed at minimizing transaction costs.IMAX has its technology resource, brand image and organizational resource better than other film companies, which can conclude its core competence, therefore it is easy to get IMAX’ s competitive advantages from its core competence.

In today’s competitive environment it is important for companies to identify their fit in an industry and capitalise on its competitive advantages. IMAX’s current resources are strategically positioned to achieve the key industrial success factors.

The first thing that needs to be said is that many of the problems the IMAX format solved no longer exist; with so many traditional cinemas switching to digital most of the problems with 35mm have gone away (arguably having been replaced with a ne.

IMAX has its engineering resource, trade name image and organisational resource better than other movie companies, which can reason its nucleus competency, therefore it is easy to acquire IMAX ‘ s competitory advantages from its nucleus competency.

What extent do you agree that information technology can confer competitive advantage to a business? With the demise of the dotcoms corporate scholars and. IMAX is relatively small when it comes to rival studios and theatres but in itself IMAX is the leader in the industry when it comes to producing image in large format.

IMAX not only played its films in its own theatres but gives its films to other theatres so that they would further promote them.

Essay imax competitive advantages
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