Permanent ink from tea bags extracts

Draw a design on a piece of sketch paper with a black marker to use as a guide and place tea bag on top of design.

Rosa, NY judy coates perez said Trace your design onto the tea bag with a permanent ink marker, and fill in the details. All the papers except for the blue leaves on the bird shaman piece started out white and became colored by the painted fabric underneath or buy glazes of paint over the top.

That should be easy also, right? The last two pieces had all the stitching done before I fused them to the Peltex.

When tea bag is completely dry not damp carefully remove the staple, unfold top of bag and shake out the dried tea leaves into the trash. Your work is beautiful and an inspiration! I try to explain in the description of each quilt what I have used to create the piece. Press the tea bag onto the wet medium and brush more medium over the top of the tea bag sealing it to your fabric.

Now you can use this tea bag to collage onto paper or fabric using acrylic gel or matte medium. Gently, pull seam apart down the length of the bag and fold out flat, brushing away any leaves that may be clinging to the paper.

Unless you have thought of some way to incorporate these into your art. Using acrylic medium, paint the fabric where you will be putting the tea bag a tad larger than the size of the tea bag paper.

Is the colored paper rice paper or do you use something else as well? When you do your quilting, do you use an additional layer of fabric or a stabilizer and then fuse the whole thing to peltex?

Thanks Kay, Each paper quilt has different kinds of paper. I am including comments that contain questions and answers pertaining to the work from many of the original blog posts. The first one, I fused to Peltex and then quilted. I have a plastic container into which I put the dried tea and coffee grounds, and then sprinkle these back into the earth in my garden or at the local park -- recycling.

I especially love the color and the quilting of the first one- unbelievable. I do not use a stabilizer, the layers of paper and paint give the piece enough body to stitch on.

Judy- these paper quilts are stunning.

Thank you so much for sharing. The one with the bird shaman uses rice paper for the bird figure. The first one with the beetle only uses tea bags.

I think I will dry out some coffee filters, I have the cone shaped ones that should make up to a nice "dresden plate", course I would call it something like "distressed plate" I like the "distressed" plate idea. You should be able to faintly see the drawing through the tea bag.

Meg in Albuquerque saidOct 19,  · How to Make Ink from Tea. Making your own ink is a lot of fun. Plus, natural ink made from tea and other simple ingredients can be more environmentally-safe than other ink products you may buy.

Using either the back of a spoon or your tea strainer, squeeze down the tea bags or tea leaves, removing all of the water. This 83%(36). Hypothesis of the Study• Extracts taken from tea bags have thepotential to be made into an ink.

• If vinegar and cornstarch are added to themixture, then the product would have astronger color and thicker consistency than toan ordinary ink. Jun 16,  · The Artful Use of Tea Bags This is my method for drawing on a tea bag. 1. After steeping your tea, set tea bag on the counter to dry and enjoy that fabulous warm cuppa tea with a dash of cream.

Trace your design onto the tea bag with a permanent ink marker, and fill in the details. 5. Now you can use this tea bag to collage onto Author: Painted Threads Projects. CONCLUSION Tea bags can be used to create an ink.

Vinegar can strengthen the color of the product, ink. Cornstarch effectively contributes to achieving to the right consistency of the ink. The processes boiling and straining.

* Ink Made from Tea bags * 1. Background of the Study Tea is created by using the leaves of a plantknown as Camellis sinensis. This plant is native tomainland China, South and Southeast Asia, but it istoday cultivated across the world in tropical andsubtropical regions.

It is an evergreen shrub.

Teabags extract can be used in making ink Teabags contain brewed tea leaves to create an extract. Any type of tea, even expired tea, can be used in order to create ink.

However, the color of the ink may vary depending on the type of tea used. Vinegar can strengthen the color of the product.

Permanent ink from tea bags extracts
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