Persuasive speech exotic animals as pets

According to different estimates, at least one in three reptiles which are among the most popular exotic pets—iguanas, for example is a host for salmonella and shigella bacteria; the overall percentage with salmonella is probably up to 90 percent.

In addition, wild animals can pose a direct physical threat to their owners. As a result, cats and dogs are the most common pets you can find in many homes. Precisely, people need to consider keeping exotic animals because of the various benefits associated with them.

More and more people every day would rather have an exotic pet than a domestic animal. The bond between children and pets. Another typical problem people have is animals escaping.

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How dangerous can this be for the owner? For example, wild tigers need a large territory to roam around in. Offer some ideas on how to explain these things to a young child and avoid trauma.

You will be able to create a better paper if you are passionate about it. Since the beginning of the century, four people were hunted down and killed by wolf hybrids. Or imagined how neat it would be to have a tiger sleep at the foot of your bed instead of just a dog?

All this is solid proof in favor of the claim that wild exotic animals should not be kept as pets. Along with well-known ecological problems—such as the extinction of species, or the destruction of rainforests, there is also another significant issue: Also, as children learn on how to care of the animal, they will have fun thing to do during their free time.

More often than not, such animals are trained well and will therefore not pose any danger to the humans. That all sounds wonderful at first but how many people do you know that have ever had an exotic pet and not regretted it immediately? Clearly, being a keeper of a wild animal is beyond the capabilities of an average citizen National Geographic.

They can never be trained, tamed, or basically domesticated like people think. Fish and Wildlife Service, 90 percent of imported green iguanas carry unfamiliar strains of intestinal bacteria.

Offer some real-life examples to support your arguments. Is it too cruel towards wild animals to keep them as pets?

Express your own position regarding zoos and captivity in general. An Amazing Learning Experience Foremost, there is so much one can learn just from rearing exotic animals. How and why the strays are dangerous? What are the major uses for pet therapy?

Let an expert have a final read over your paper before handing it in.Full Outline Speech I Heading Title: Exotic Pets in the United States Topic: Exotic Pets Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about exotic animals as pets in the United States.

Introduction: Attention Materials: Has anyone heard of the incident that happened a few years ago regarding a woman being mauled by her pet chimpanzee? Chimpanzees are one of the many exotic animals %(2). Junior English 5 December Exotic Animals As Pets According to HSUS, the human society of the United States, wild animal trade is a multi-billion business, following to drugs and weaponries on the black market.

Persuasive Speech on Keeping Exotic Animals as House Pets

It is a fifteen billion dollar industry in America alone. Persuasive Speech Outline. Through out our history people have owned exotic animals as pets. Owning an exotic animal was a way to show wealth and power to others.

These were known as Menageries.3/5(2). MOST POPULAR Persuasive Speech on Keeping Exotic Animals as House Pets ESSAYS AND PAPERS at #1 Persuasive Speech on Keeping Exotic Animals as House Pets ESSAYS COLLECTION ONLINE.

Persuasive paper ideas for High School; Ideas for informative papers; A List of Great Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals. Do you think they are sufficient? Is there a way to stop animal cruelty completely? Exotic pets. What kinds of problems do the owners of exotic pets face?

Is it too cruel towards wild animals to keep them as pets? However, there is another problem that has not been paid enough attention to—this problem is keeping exotic animals as pets. Although owners of exotic animals might believe they are not doing anything bad, in fact such a practice should be prohibited due to a number of reasons.

Persuasive speech exotic animals as pets
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