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Indians also invented the concept of zero, which the Arabs eventually conveyed to the Europeans. These Southern Asian changes began to have a significant impact on China after C. Who is this person? These developments included the discovery of bullion sources, the emergence of a new mathematics, the pioneering of trade routes, the trade in tropical spices, the cultivation of southern crops such as sugar and cotton, and the invention of various technologies.

Sailors for India then began to travel around to find an alternative source, which they probably found with the help of local people who were familiar with their land. The Indian zero made the place value system of writing numbers better than any other ones that came before it.

If you have lost the charts, you may Southernization essay ap world history a new copy here: The Mongol conquests then helped to southernize northern regions across Eurasia. The first row of the grid will be where you will identify the direct comparisons of similarities and differences which you would address in a full essay.

Because of the involvement of their southern European neighbors, they became partially southernized, but they could not participate in all conditions of the process due to their distance from the tropical sources of cotton, sugar and spices.

They were only beaten by England during the industrial revolution. Homework for Friday, September 11th: This made it possible for sailors to travel against the wind, sailing into it by going diagonally against it, first one way and then the other.

After silver became relatively abundant, Arabs sought new sources of gold in East and West Africa. Full southernization, and the wealth we know that northwestern Europe had, came about only after their outright seizure of tropical and subtropical territories as they rounded Africa and participated in the Southern Ocean trade.

East Asia Southeast Asia South Asia You may use your textbook, notes, and all other academic sources in order to complete your dehydrated essay.

Most societies looked to India for help in medical and mathematical situations. Cotton and indigo became rooted, and the Chinese first developed cotton canvas, which they used to make a more adequate sail for ships going to the ocean. Westernization is associated with certain developments that first occurred in Western Europe.

It is believed that the Arab people introduced the compass into Mediterranean waters. Although its interpretation is contentious, some archaeological evidence commends the evidence of Indian guidance on parts of East Africa as early as C.

They may also have been sailing east to India, through the straits that are now called Malacca and Sunda. The term southernization is said to be correspondent to westernization. For example, many Indian crops were spread to Middle Eastern countries by the Arabs.

Even though the rulers were able to put the empire back together, they were reliant on the new crops in the South. Bullet points are fine for this part.Southernization Essay The idea of Southernization came from the observation that "Southern" values and beliefs were becoming more important to the success of the government, reaching a climax in the s, with a Democratic president and vice-president from the South, and Congressional leaders in both parties originating in the.

An edited and condensed excerpt from an article by Lynda Shaffer, “Southernization” Journal of World History 5, Springpp. This This reading and questions can be found on the URL below. Feb 09,  · In this essay, Ms. Shaffer's thesis was that without southernization, our world would have turned out a little different than it is today.

Southernization is the spread of culture and ideas from Southern Asia(AKA India)across the world. “Southernization” lesson further emphasizes the diverse nature of these exchanges.

Africa, the Middle East, and Asia in the Era of Independence

The article by Parker James reminds us of the importance of Southeast Asia and provides us AP World History: – Workshop Materials. AP World History Southernization Questions 1: What is Ms. Shaffer’s thesis in the article? She seems to be trying to spread the idea of Southernization and its influence on the change and creation of the modern world through the effects of its innovations and trade of cotton, spices, silk, rice, math, and sugar.

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Southernization Essay – Ap World History

there was enforced by none other than the Sumerians, which can be seen in many similar ideas and traits passed on today’s modern world.

Southernization essay ap world history
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