Thesis on old age in india

People of this consumer culture do not have sufficient money to provide financial support to their parents; neither do they take it as their moral responsibility. Earlier, when life was simpler and values counted for more, those who reached a ripe old age held an enviable place in society where they could really release and enjoy the twilight years of life.

The problem gets accentuated especially as the world ceases to have any resemblance to what the elderly were once accustomed to and changes at a bewildering pace with every passing moment. He is, in fact, filled with a feeling of emotional insecurity. For his every work he needs someone to help. The society forces an old person to live like an island.

It is unavoidable, undesirable, unwelcome and problem- ridden phase of life. Though it is true that no stage of life has its ever smooth sailing and every stage has its attendant problems, those of old age are more difficult and insurmountable because the physical strength and mental capability required to cope up with the adverse situations of life are immensely reduced.

A feeling of loneliness adversely affects their mental health which shows through some physical problems. An old man is full of experiences and even though experiences are of immense help to the younger generation, he is taken as an unwanted burden. Growing urbanisation and fast moving modern life have contributed to the problem.

This brings more despondency to him. Usually, they are alone with servants to take care of them. He becomes highly vulnerable to ailments-minor or major.

Often he faces the loss of spouse and old friends. One of the major problems is the financial constraint which is really more difficult in case of those old persons who are not entitled to any social security and have no source of income, completely depending on their spouse or children.

It is the outcome of break up of the tradition of joint family system. But in this materialist society, everybody is short of time. He wants someone to take care of his needs and share his feelings. Indeed the loneliness and neglect associated with the old age is a rather recent phenomenon.

After some time, the servants become familiar with everything in the household, they rob them of all their belongings, often become cruel enough to kill them and ran away. Added to this is the depressing anxiety of not knowing just how far ahead one must plan or for how long one is forced to dependent financially on his children to meet his requirements.

He himself is caught in a terrible feeling of redundancy. But it is really interesting to note that everybody wants to live a long life, but not to be old.

This plays havoc with the lives of the elderly. Thinking of old age visions of loneliness and neglect emerge in mind. The picture becomes all the more awesome with the failing health and illness. Having rendered service for a lifetime, the body parts appear to have become tired and weak.Old age homes essay in malayalam language old age homes essay in malayalam language essayscom is the home of thousands of essays about india this You searched for: essay on old age home (English - MyMemory essay on old age home, hindi essay about visit to old age home.

hindi essay on old age problems in india.

Hindi. - by Akshay Kondaparthy. Design-driven companies worldwide use Coroflot to recruit exceptional talent. Technology-integration in Old Age Homes in India A Status Paper Sugan Bhatia, Ph.D. President Indian University Association for Continuing Education Delhi The elderly (aged 60 years and above) in.

New Delhi has completed Fifteen years. built a free residence for poor kids on the premises of the then year-old paid old age home. starting from the years Two years ago.

Old Age Homes In India Essay

A new wing will open in May and this time a batch of girls aged five-eight will move in. Ayudham. There are total 19 rooms for residents Ayudham is growing/5(2).

974 Words Essay on the Problems of Old Age

been taken from an old age home of Delhi, which is working in the field of protection of old people rights to make clear the need of study.

Keywords: Respondents, old age home, socio-economic status, family relationships of the respondent, sociology.

• The old-age dependency ratio climbed from % in to % in for India as a whole. For females and males the value of the ratio was % and % in • About 65 per cent of the aged had to depend on others for their day-to-day maintenance.

Thesis on old age in india
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