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Rights of each other are recognized and protected by the presence of legal framework, thought is not used often. There should be effective communication between workers and management and effective consultation of workers by the management in decisions that have an impact on them.

However, there are other methods that are affeted by the participation of workers. It was expected to meet at least once a quarter and discuss issues similar to those of shop councils. The Committee was also to study and recommend an outline of a comprehensive scheme of workers participation at different levels of management in industrial establishments and undertakings The Committee submitted its report to the Government in March The war caused havoc to the lives of people and also led to the questioning of certain traditional beliefs.

Amenities such as drinking water,canteens, dining rooms, medical and health services. Rules for monitoring the scheme. This group submitted its report to the Government in The new move was qualitatively different from that of the works committees proposed by Whitley.

The government stated would watch the progress of these councils for a few years and would then decide on whether it should enact legislation. Productivity and high quality in work. Joint Management Councils and Committees: Public Sector Vs Private Sector: Workers Representatives on the Board of Management.

The next level was the establishment council comprising a few shop-floor councils. It is not possible to totally curb the labour turnover. Participative management fosters a team environment.

Though workers have the option to influence all the decisions taken at the top level, in actual practice, the board and the top management team assume a fairly independent role in taking major policy decisions for the enterprises, especially in economic matters.

The conclusions of this seminar are as follows: It is extension of consultative participation as management here is under moral obligation to accept and implement the unanimous decisions of employees.

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Perhaps the influence of the caste system has a bearing on such attitudes. The result of such thinking of management is that the workers feel humiliating in Indian industries.


Associative participation of workers: In the above scheme was extended to the PSUs like commercial and service sector organizations employing or more persons. Which events is India participating in Olympics ? MERGE exists and is an alternate of.

Workers have ideas which can be useful. Workers participation in management includes following. This definition envisages three important elements in participation. It was decided that there should be JMCs comprising representatives of management and labour who would decide some of the managerial functions in the industry.

Periodically all the suggestions are scrutinized by the suggestion committee or suggestion screening committee. Trade unions fear that these councils will weaken their strength as workers come under the direct influence of these councils.

Hence, they could not cover the following items: Under this method, the workers elect their representative and send them to the Board to participate in the decision making process. Work can be done only through such interactions. After the works committees were disbanded, industrial unrest increased and the trade union movement grew stronger.

Decisive participation is the highest level of workers participation in management, where employees and management together taking decisions on the matters related to workers welfare and production related issues.


This is the modem trend in industrial world both in developed and developing countries. According to the ILO: JMCs were also responsible for adopting productivity standards and securing welfare and other facilities. This is considered to be an effective form of management thatenhances teamwork.

These councils were setup as early as Having known the objectives of WPM, the question then is to what extent workers can participate in decision-making process. Athletes from India will participate in the following sports at the Summer Olympics:.Workers’ participation in management is an essential ingredient of Industrial democracy.

The concept of workers’ participation in management is based on Human Relations approach to Management which brought about a new set of values to labour and management. Traditionally the concept of Workers’ Participation in Management.

Workers’ participation in Management in India was given importance only after Independence. Industrial Disputes Act, was the first step in this direction, which recommended for the setting up of works committees.

Workers participation in management includes following.

Workers’ Participation in Management (WPM) in India

Workers participation in management provides a chance to employees in organisation's decision making process. The workers participation may be at the shop level, departmental level or at the top level. 53 Global Journal of Business Management Workers’ Participation in Management: in Indian Perspective At the meantime, top management also realizes that if the decision has taken jointly than they.

the constitution of india has made provisions for workers' participation in management in the following words: the state shall take steps, by.

1 WORKERS PARTICIPATION IN MANAGEMENT IN INDIA: PERSPECTIVE AND CHALLENGES OF THE NINETIES Debi S. Saini1 Introduction Workers participation in management in India evoked considerable interest.

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Workers participation in management in india
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